Watch This Fiat 127 Do Cool Shit For No Reason In This Vintage Ad

You know those long trips where you just sort of daydream cool shit happening in the environment around you? No? Maybe it’s just the sugar fevers of my childhood—but essentially they were exactly what this this ad for the Fiat 127 is.


And what this throwback Fiat 127 ad happens to be is the car piloted by the awesome stunt driver Remy Julienne doing glorious, unabated cool shit.

They say sex sells. I say cool shit sells. This ad has no context, and really there’s no explanation or reasoning for the little Fiat to be on this train, but the driving, the hopping, the timing; all of it is perfect.


That clip where the car is filmed through the trees? Straight out of my imagination. Those drums get me pumped-the-trunk-up. None of it makes sense and yet it all speaks to me. Hoonage is hoonage.

Cool shit sells. It’s like a VW Golf before the VW Golf. I want one.

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