Watch This Farm Buggy-Turned-Flying Off-Road Monster Set Jump Records

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Off-road driving hero RJ Anderson set two world-records filming XP1K2; an insane stunt montage in which this heavily modified Polaris RZR bends physics doing lots of jumps and running around the inside of a wooden bowl.

A 40-man crew spent two weeks near Mt. Baker, Washington building this crazy course and filming this ATV getting the crap kicked out of it.

The 170' jump and 100' gap-clearing were the record-setting stunts, but the whole performance is pretty intense.

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I have a hard time enjoying this. It's just me, but I can't take sxs's seriously. Why not just do this in a dirtbike or quad? A side by side is for taking the wife(/kid) that doesn't know how or want to drive a quad or dirtbike.

Not saying I could do better, but seriously why not just use a dirtbike?

Just because you can, does not always mean you should.