Watch This Electric Race Car Tear It Up With Its Superfast RC Twin

Qualcomm wants to bring wireless charging to Formula E electric race cars, and probably your plug-in Prius some day too. To test the tech they’re using a tiny RC version and, naturally, racing it against the real thing. So that’s how you make recharging a battery look exciting.

Wireless charging actually is pretty cool, especially in an electric automobile application. If you’re into that kind of thing, and if you’re not maybe you should be.


Right now Formula E cars are plugged into generators to power up, but they’re putting wireless power into safety cars, pace cars, and experimental like this RC.

I’m almost more impressed that Formula E driver Lucas di Grassi managed to avoid running that little thing over while the two cars did donuts together. Then again the behind-the-scenes clip reveals that “eleven different RC models” were used to make the video... so maybe a few did end up under that race car’s wide tires.

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