Phillip Marress, a Tennessee man who happened to be in Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania, decided that yes, having two beers and a doubleshot would be a nice little nightcap for someone who regularly takes Percocet. And then he went for a drive.


And it was all very convenient for Marress, really, considering the fact that when he inevitably hit three cars and rolled his after all that, one of them was a police cruiser.

Miraculously, no one seemed to be injured by Marress' drunken abortion of a pleasure cruise, least not of all Marress himself. In fact, Marress apparently didn't seem very worried at all, according to the local CBS affiliate:

Officers who approached his overturned car say he told them he didn't understand why everyone was so upset about the incident.

In the arrest warrant, an officer stated, "He did not appear the least bit concerned over the situation…telling ambulance personnel that he had a double shot and two beers, and he takes Percocet."


Marress is now free on bail, for some reason. Nobody let him get behind the wheel.

You'll be doing a public service.

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