Watch This Dallas Bus Driver Barely React As He Plows Into A Line Of Cars

Last month, a Dallas area Paratransit driver didn't even attempt to stop and plowed into an entire line of cars that were waiting to get off at an exit. Multiple cars were totaled and one man is still in the hospital with a fractured skull, broken hip, and almost a dozen broken ribs.

The driver, who had 11 years of service under his belt and a squeaky clean service record, was just fired according to MSNBC


So what made him crash into these cars? The operator of Dallas' Paratransit vehicles, Veolia, has said that they have no reason to suspect the driver was violating cell phone policies or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The official accident report states that the driver caused the crash by "not slowing down." That might be an understatement.

Now, there is a video of the crash from inside the bus posted on The Dallas Observer that shows a surprising lack of emotion from the driver. From watching the video, it doesn't look like he's asleep at the wheel and there doesn't seem to be a mechanical fault with the bus that's preventing it from stopping.

All we see is that he seems to be looking slightly to his left. Even if there was something interesting in the mirror, that is no excuse for crashing into a line of cars.


He's very lucky that he didn't have anyone else in the bus at the time and that no other motorists were killed.

(Hat tip to broke economist!)

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Just before the accident a black Maserati drives by the bus in the adjacent lane. I'd bet money he was checking the car out before preparing to stop and that's where he was distracted.