Watch This Crazy Japanese Tuner Play "Jingle Bells" With His Exhaust On The Highway

Japanese tuners are a mischievous bunch, what with their zany paint jobs, tiny hellaflush wheels, obscenely loud exhaust systems and everything else they do.

But while they may be a strange group of car enthusiasts, that doesn't mean they too can't get into the Christmas spirit. This video shows one tuner who loves the holiday season so much that he serenades his buddy with "Jingle Bells" by revving his engine — on the highway, no less.


Here's the fun part: let's see if we can identify all the cars in the video. From the video title we can tell that the silver car is a GX71 Toyota Chaser. Can you name the pink car at the beginning and the camera car?

Thanks for the tip Rx_37!

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