GIF via LKMedia59

Frank Kelly doesn’t just rally a Ford Escort MkII. Frank Kelly is somehow one with the Escort in a way that allows him to do some of the most balls-out, ridiculous, amazing driving I’ve ever seen in a rally video.

Kelly’s “Fast, Sideways and Mental” video series has only two installments, but each clip of hoonage goes by so fast that they jam a ton of clips of the Escort getting ridiculous in each installment. And oh, they’re exactly what the title says they are.

Kelly gets air, gets sideways, flies by stupidly fast, and drives through ridiculous slides and awkward landings that would send lesser drivers into a tree. His codriver Liam Brennan is almost as entertaining as he is, seeming to cheer on the driver’s antics in a gentle Irish accent. “Go! Go! Go!”

You know you did something sweet when your codriver interrupts his directions to yell out “Well held!”


[H/T imaginary ducks, yo]