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Watch This Bus Robbery Go Oh So Right In Every Possible Way

I usually have just about zero sympathy for robbers, having been the victim of robbery myself (long story, I still miss my Xbox), but this crosses the line into the absurd and the hilarious. First he gets his hand stuck in the door, then he gets beaten with a tiny bat, and then what appears to be a spaceman shows up.


(Yes, I know he's a motorcycle cop, but I prefer to just live in the fantasy world where he's some sort of law enforcement officer from outer space, wearing his big shiny white helmet, showing up to bust some criminal heads in Chile. Life is just better that way.)

I'm not sure you could call this "swift justice," as that bus ride looked painfully long, but it's nice to see one of these guys actually get caught. The snatch-and-grab strategy works too well too often on public transportation, so sometimes a beating with a little club is in order.


Don't do crime, kids.

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