Watch This BMW M4 Nearly Slam Into A Ton Of Cars At The Nurburgring

The Green Hell possesses, bar none, the most absolutely terrifying traffic in the world. On days when it's open to the public, everyone from the greatest driver in the world to the positively worst, can show up in any car in the world. Which means there are crashes. Mix that with blind corners, and you've got a recipe for terror.

So while there you are, being the ultimate trackday superstar, doing your darndest in a brand-new BMW M4 to beat the Porsche 911 in front of you, if your senses aren't cat-like there's a good chance you'll end up getting into a massive crash. Even bigger than the one that's right in front of you. Really big.


I should also probably note, at this point, that it doesn't matter if you are the greatest driver in the world, because if you are driving a TVR, well, anywhere really, you will crash it. It's one of those beautiful facts of life, that makes you wonder Who Really Is Behind This Clockwork Universe, right?

TVR, man.

H/t to Bridgetogantry!

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