After experiencing my first winter in a state that actually drops below freezing, I’ve come to appreciate anyone who has the immense skill that it takes to control a car at high speeds on ice. And I’m just sitting here with my jaw-dropped watching this BMW E30 M3 become the fastest car on ice like it was no problem at all.


This incredible video was filmed at the annual Swedish Speed Week in Årsunda, Sweden. Buldre Racing Team, after outfitting their BMW E30 M3 with a Toyota 2JZ engine pumped up to 1,300 horsepower. That’s absurd, and I love everything it stands for.

The previous ice speed record was an average of 202 mph, also set by Buldre Racing Team with an Audi B5 S4 Avant. This new run saw them averaging 212 mph and hitting a top speed of 215.5 mph.

Excuse me while I spend the rest of my Friday drooling over this ridiculously great car handling. I’m in love.

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