Heights scare me. I tend to think most reasonable people get a little put off by being in a situation where one small slip could lead to certain death.


Apparently that means this Human Fly fellow is far from being reasonable.

Instead of riding inside the airplane like every other member of society has ever, the Human Fly decided to attach himself to the outside of a Douglas DC-8. Just watching this is almost enough to make me shit myself.


The Fly does this because he had a terrible accident a few years earlier and wanted to become the greatest daredevil to ever live. If I had an accident a few years earlier I wouldn't be riding on the outside of planes, but that's just me.

Check out this fantastically '70s video as the fly attempts to hit 300 MPH on the outside of a plane. (Skip to 17:20 to see the attempt.)

Hat Tip to Mike!

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