Watch This 36,000 Horsepower Truck Blow The Doors Off A Flying Jet

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The Shockwave Jet Truck is a delightfully ridiculous contraption with six wheels, three jet engines, and a strong resemblance to a semi-truck cab. Those three engines generate an equivalent of 36,000 horsepower; enough to catch up to and pass a speeding jet flying overhead.

Start from the beginning to watch the airborne plane do its thing. The truck rolls up and does s little fire-spitting show around 07:00. Or, just skip straight to 10:30 for the "race," though of course it's more of a "spectacle." A spectacle of awesomeness. You're welcome.

That adorable airplane is called an FLS Microjet. They've been around since the 70's and you might recognize it from an appearance in Octopussy. Believe it or not, they're actually meant to be "home-built." I mean, if your home has an incredible tool collection and a person competent enough to build a jet plane in it.


A Quantum Turbine System jet engine makes 265 pounds of thrust; enough to push the 416 pound plane to 320 MPH. It looks like it slows a bit for the exhibition in the video, but the Shockwave truck actually is a bit faster with a top speed of 365 MPH.

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I remember seeing that truck (well probably a completely different truck than the current one, but same name and 3 engines) at Great Lakes Dragway 30 years ago every Memorial Day Weekend lol.