Watch This 1,100 Horsepower Street-Legal Jeep Decimate The Drag Strip

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The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 is inherently ostentatious, but the only hints that this one's capable of a nine-something-second quarter mile are those intense tires. "And it hooks up pretty good on the street," offers the owner.


Built by D3 engineering, this Jeep reportedly dyno'ed at 1,100 horsepower thanks to a giant turbocharger and other upgrades. I'm almost as amazed at how discreetly this SUV makes its pass as I am by the output number. Suspension looks pretty soft though, look at that thing lurch!

The vehicle's seen here trying to improve its 60' time according to the owner. What kind of pass do you think they'll be able to make when they get it dialed in?

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This is still my favourite sleeper