Watch These Racing Drivers Stuff Their Faces With Marshmallows And Then Try Going To Sleep Tonight

GIF via Team Penske

Team Penske has been putting their immense knowledge from over 50 years of racing experience to good use by making their IndyCar and NASCAR drivers play popular childhood games on YouTube. This week’s round is Chubby Bunny, and you can tell that these men were built for speed—not for marshmallows.

I will never be able to shake the image of IndyCar driver Will Power’s face stretched out by too many marshmallows out of my head for the rest of my days.


This seared-in mental image shall follow me to the grave, where I will continue to be a little grossed out from the great beyond.

“This is degrading,” notes IndyCar’s Josef Newgarden. Never content to lose, he follows that up with, “Chubby bunny!”


[H/T Elizabeth!]

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They should make Will Power eat carbon fiber off of every car he’s ever stuffed into a turn.