Watch These Porsches Fight For Position Like Their Lives Depend On It

Night racing onboards are the best onboards: fact. The sharp contrast between light and dark, the cars constantly moving in and out of light, sometimes illuminated overhead, and other times, using only their headlights to see—it's all wonderful.

So, here's the two leaders in the Porsche GT3 Cup race at Circuit of the Americas two weeks ago. This video is from JDX Racing driver Sloan Urry's car as he battles with Kelly-Moss driver Colin Thompson during the last few laps of the race.


OppositeLock user thedevilinside nominated it for " Onboard of the Year," and I must say, it's a solid contender, both for the scenery as well as the cars themselves.

The one time I rode in a GT3 Cup, it was like being in a spaceship. They have a high-pitched mechanical whine inside that's completely different than the GT3 RS street cars. They're a lot lighter, too, so it was like watching a lap in fast forward compared to anything else I'd ridden in. (Have I mentioned that I love these cars before?)

So, here you go: several über-quick laps inside the JDX Racing car, running hard at COTA.


Turn HD mode on for this one—it's worth it.

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