Watch These Excellent Rally Fans Pick Up A Car And Put It Back On The Road

Gif: GRB rally (YouTube)

Rally fans are the absolute best. Where else do you see fans willing to lift an entire car all the way back up onto the stage road? Yes, lift.

It certainly helps that this is the tiny Fiat 126p of driver Marcin Szatanik and codriver Karol Gałysa, which is along the lines of my mom’s old Beetle which used to get moved around in the parking lot when she wasn’t looking. It’s an easier car to pick up than your average modern Ford Fiesta WRC.


Szatanik’s car went off in the snowy ditch, which you might think is the end of his day in any other motorsport. Yet these fans lift one full side of the car up in the air until it’s back on the road, where the little Fiat can continue. A couple fans even man the road to make sure traffic isn’t coming when they pop the car back in place. Now that’s service!

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