Watch These Dudes Swap A Land Rover Discovery's Frame In 4 Minutes

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We're not talking about a scale model here. J. White's Automotive actually spent a whole weekend swapping a rusty frame on a 2004 Land Rover Discovery for a shiny new one, but they were kind enough to speed up the replay so we could relive it in fast motion.


Land Rover owners are easily some of the most fanatical about their vehicles, and almost invariably end up pouring cash into their trucks faster than their engines piss out oil. It's not just the classics people fall in love with either, this is a face-lifted Discovery II for godsakes.

I can't really blame them because this is one of my favorite SUVs, but you'd have to be pretty damn dedicated to absorb the cost of this many shop hours at a Land Rover specialist mechanic to get your Disco sorted out with a new frame. That frame, by the way, is over four grand.


By the time this owner has it installed they could have bought three decent Discoverys. But sometimes love just don't make sense.

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Isn't this truck worth about $2500?, hardly seems worth it no?