Watch These Bros Do All Sorts Of Bro Things With Fiat 500 Abarths

Yo brah, what are you doing? Wanna throw a football at a car and yell unnecessarily loudly? What about a baseball? Basketball? You do!? Awesome, let's bro out brah.


If you like bumping fists, shouting, beards, yelling, athletics, clapping, the word "woooo," jumping, "awww yeah," rap music, and other broings on, then these are the perfect activities for you, bro.

Or if you like 500 Abarths. That's what drew me in.

(Hat Tip to Will!)



I don’t understand why y’all tend to hate people that are clearly enjoying themselves.

I’ve been here for a couple years now, and I do enjoy the Jalopnik community, but you guys can be some of the most immature, judgmental, childish assholes I’ve come across in the automotive world. Really, it’s as if anyone who isn’t exactly like you is doing it wrong.

I can absolutely be classified somewhere in this category of bro-ness. I drive a cleanly lifted and modified full-size pickup, I have a gym membership, I enjoy hanging out with my bros and accompanying females, we wake surf on the lake, we shoot guns on the ranch, and generally have a good time doing whatever it is we do. Most importantly, we aren’t assholes. Real men 1.) don’t give two craps about what others think about them as long as its a true representation of themselves, and 2.) don’t negatively judge others based solely on the clothes they wear, the vehicles they drive, the things they enjoy, the excitement in their demeanor, or what have you.

Man up and get the hell over yourselves; trust me, life is much more enjoyable that way.


Your local Texan Jalop gun-totin’ God fearin’ car lovin’ son of a bitch. America.