Watch These Angry Dodge Journey Owners Crush Their Car With A Tank

Joe and Kate bought a Dodge Journey from Fiat Chyrsler of Australia and what followed was three years of torture, according to the couple who made a big, big spectacle out of crushing their “Lemon” with a tank.


First of all, a couple named Joe and Kate would buy a Dodge Journey.

Full disclosure: this whole thing feels very ‘we want to be viral,’ with some pretty dramatic phrasing like “we’re going to TANK OUR CAR!” But it’s always entertaining to see a car crushed by a tank, nonetheless:

From the YouTube description:

The importer, Fiat Chrysler Australia tried all the dirty tricks to make this go away, including writing to the media and some politicians, telling them that the vehicle had not been inspected. We confirmed that they had the vehicle 3 months before this event to inspect it and at the time all they offered was to fix the DVD player and replace an engine mount! (seriously!)

The owners suddenly got a call offering another inspection 3 days before the event (after pleading with them for 3 years), we suspect they were just trying a stalling tactic to stop the event from happening.


According to Joe and Kate in the intro of the video, they had to deal with a multitude of issues on their brand-new Dodge Journey, including:

  • problems with overheating issues due to a crack in the water reservior tank
  • blown head gasket
  • oil leaking into cooling system
  • multiple battery issues
  • alarm problem that apparently couldn’t be fixed for over two years
  • cracked engine mount
  • disk rotors have been replaced twice
  • car windows rolling down with nobody around (this one I’m the most skeptical towards, because I leave my windows down all the time)

“Each and every time we were left out of pocket and having to fix the car ourselves.” They crushed their car to “protect hard-working families” and to send the obvious message to Fiat Chrysler from Lemon vehicles.

Evidently just before the Big Event, FCA reached out to inspect the car, but it was just too damn late, or something. The owners claimed the car had already been inspected three months before, anyway.


It’s not really surprising to hear somebody had a horrible experience with a Fiat Chyrsler Dodge Jeep product, and we all get to see a car crushed by a flipping tank because of it. Do we count this as a happy ending?



It amazes me that consumers actually buy cars like these. I mean seriously, after having driven them as rentals, I can’t imagine what circumstance would lead me to buy such a crappy product.