Watch The World’s Best Responses To Jalopnik Comments


It all started with a simple idea — instead of just responding to reader comments about the new Ford Fusion, what if we were to surprise real Jalopnik commenters with a once-in-a-lifetime experience?


Then we threw in Top Gear USA co-host Rutledge Wood, his fellow co-host and rally champ Tanner Foust, and Tim Damon, one of the greatest car commercial directors in the world — all in the name of responding to real commenters. We call it — The Fusion Project.

In case you missed it, here are all three episodes.

Watch as we shut down two miles of California's famous Mulholland Highway so Tanner can take two commenters for the ride of their lives.

Next, see Rutledge create a giant car made out of toy blocks, and finally, in the third episode, he shows us a very unique test of the Fusion.

We did all of it in the name of responding to your comments. How cool is that?

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