Unless you're some kind of combination astronaut/coke dealer/CIA agent, your job is nowhere near as cool as the Stig's. Top Gear's tame racing driver gets to test all sorts of cars and never has to talk to his co-workers. What gig could be better than that?


But here's a scenario where the Stig is asked to sample a very different sort of automotive product: Honda's humanlike Asimo robot. I've always had a thing for Asimo (though I prefer the Mugen Asimo Type R version myself), mainly because of his sweet dance moves.


The thing is, the Stig wasn't having any of that when he met Asimo recently. The little 'bot wants to engage in a dance-off, but the Stig is all, "Thanks but no thanks" before speeding off in a Civic Type R.

I think Asimo's feelings would be hurt, if he had any. Wait, does he have feelings? Or is that coming in a later version?

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