Watch The Reigning Formula Drift Champion Slide Up A Mountain Sideways

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One mountain, no practice and no do-overs: that’s how three-time Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg tackled California’s gorgeous, winding Onion Valley road in a V8-powered Nissan 370Z.

Just one man, his car and the mountain, with little room for error.

I’ll help pick your jaw up from the floor if you need me to.

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Mustang Crowd Hunter Edition

One of the most underrated drivers on the planet. Chris “The Force” Forsberg knows a shit ton about car control. The fact that he can keep a 900hp beast like this 370Z from going full Aussie donut status is seriously amazing. I also love how he has shown the potential of the VK56DE in both this car and his daily driven M56 4 seater drift car. I’m surprised we don’t see more street truck conversions done for the previous Titan.