Watch The Mustang GT350R And Focus RS Make America Proud At Goodwood

The Ford Focus RS is the hottest of hatches right now, and the Mustang GT350R is just a big ol’ bad attitude on four wheels. In the very best kind of way, of course... which you can see in the expression of the pilot’s face in this awesome video.


Watch (and listen to) this mean Mustang get out of hand right off the starting line and all the way through the finish:

Then check out Lt. Col. Kenworth Blockenspiel IV make the Goodwood course look like a grocery run in the Focus RS:

Come on y’all these things are even color-coded for America!

You won’t see this Mustang in Europe again, but we should be able to buy them in the States this summer. The Focus RS is coming out next year.

Hat tip to The Jersey Devil and nellydesign!


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That Mustang is all like