Watch the last brand new 1979 Pontiac Trans Am sell at auction

A few weeks ago we told about what would likely be the last chance to ever buy a brand new 1979 Pontiac Trans Am from the showroom floor. Last Saturday the car left the Indiana showroom where it spent the last 32 years after one deep pocketed Pontiac enthusiast paid $85,000 for the Trans Am. For that sum the new owner got the pristine 6.7 mile muscle car and the unofficial title of the last person to ever buy a brand new Trans Am.

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From the interest generated around the sale it was easy to tell the Trans Am would bring a decent amount of money, but it was anyone's guess as to exactly what a brand new 32 year old Pontiac was worth. Not only can you see bidders battle it out for the last new Trans Am in this cool Ridetech produced video, you can watch one auctioneer confuse the Hemmings article where we first found out about the car with an awfully familiar headline (2:10).


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BoxerFanatic, troublesome iconoclast.

Dan Stark is conflicted.

At least the car exists... but his cop salary doesn't afford him that car, and all of the royalties from his TV movie are spent.

Probably better, in the end... he'd hate to have some PUNK mess it up. At least he has a TA, even if it isn't that pristine.