If someone were to ask you what the greatest mid-engined car is you might answer that it's a Ferrari 355, a Lamborghini Countach, or maybe even an Audi R8. Well, you'd be wrong. It's this, the Toyota Previa.


Mid-engine? Check. Five-speed manual? Check. Rear wheel drive or four wheel drive? Check. Supercharger? Check. Family hoonmobile? Check.

To be fair, not all of those options could have been had together. For example, the manual was only offered between 1991-1993 and the supercharger was introduced in 1994 to better compete with the V6 offerings in other minivans. Still though, you could have one with a manual and four wheel drive, which basically makes this an Audi R8


The Previa wasn't well regarded in its time, wasn't exactly safe, and didn't sell well but those mid-nineties minivan buyers totally missed the point. Sure, the Caravan/Voyager/ Town & Country were more sensible, but who needs that? Have you ever seen one of those drifting on a dry track? Didn't think so.

Just look at this Previa go, joyously converting its tires into smoke, with the commander of this majestic steed hanging his arm out the window with pride. Such grace. Such style. Such panache.

Toyota Previa: the Ferrari F355 of Minivans.

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