Watch The Fastest Run Ever Up Pikes Peak

This past weekend, Rhys Millen set the fastest ever time up Pikes Peak at 9:46. That is seriously quick for tackling a nearly 13 mile uphill course full of blind corners.


But this was also the first year that the course was 100 percent paved, so an asterisk is necessary.

Rhys' time was five seconds quicker than the time Monster Tajima set in 2011 on a partial dirt course. This is the same car that made it up the mountain in 11 minutes last year. The pavement has made the track uber quick, and some key upgrades to the car didn't hurt either.

But that doesn't make this run any less impressive. Check it out from Rhys' point of view, we think you'll agree that you still need massive attachements to drive this quickly up a mountain without crashing.


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