Watch The Daytona Prototype Flip From Onboard The DeltaWing

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Earlier today, the #50 Highway to Help Riley-BMW Daytona Prototype flipped into the catch fence, halting the morning practice session at the Roar Before the 24. Here's a video of the crash to show you just how violent it really was, and how lucky driver Byron DeFoor was to escape unharmed.


Because the Roar Before the 24 is just a test day, there isn't a lot of official video of the event, but many teams run video on their cars to watch and analyze later. Here's a clip from on top of one of the DeltaWing's rear arches, via RACER. Per the video description:

Ride with DeltaWing's Memo Rojas as [Byron] DeFoor in the Highway to Help Riley-BMW DP gets airborne and flips at approximately 190mph in the distance during testing at Daytona.

Rojas runs over debris on entry to Turn 1, which did enough damage to cause his car to crash afterwards.

DeFoor was uninjured in the crash and the team says it will have the car repaired in time for the Rolex 24 at Daytona on Jan, 23-25. The Highway to Help entry is owned by AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson.

While it is unfortunately a bit far away, it does give you a sense of the debris trail a flip like this can leave on the track as well as how quickly faster traffic catches up to it.

It's amazing that no one was hurt in the accident, with driver Byron DeFoor from the #50 DP being released shortly after the accident by on-site medical staff. The builder of the #50 car's tube frame deserves a huge box of cookies and a hug, to say the least.


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