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Watch The Bullitt Chase Remake From The Alcatraz Finale

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Here's the Bullitt chase scene from the show Alcatraz we told you about a couple of weeks ago. This time Steve McQueen's role is played by Detective Rebecca Madsen and there's a brand new 2013 Ford Mustang chasing down a new Dodge Charger.


Can you catch all the references to the original?

The Alcatraz remake is like most Bullitt homages (there are many of them) in that it gets some details right, but ultimately shortens the experience.


Predictably, the chase ends all too abruptly and with a massive flip and explosion that's underwhelming when compared to the original. It's TV. It's what you get.

In the show's favor, there's accurate car casting in terms of make/models, updated courtesy of Ford product placement. The chase has a little of the bump-and-grind many re-imaginings skip. There's even the vintage Volkswagen Beetle that keeps showing up, which is a nice wink at fans.

Also, that sound.

What do you think of the chase?

Photo Credit: David Moir/FOX, Video: Fox