Bullitt chase perfectly recreated for crappy music video

Give credit to the director of this music video for making me volunteer to listen to this remarkably awful song in order to see a period correct-looking Charger and Mustang race around the streets of San Francisco. It's for the song "Fun" by someone named Sharam. It's like "Friday" but less catchy and more repetitive.


This video appears to have nothing to do with the song. Nor does the song have anything to do with fun, other than to remind us that we're not having it right now. It manages to capture the look of the original and the car casting is stellar, though the chase has been truncated and ends, strangely (but pleasantly), with this woman in a trunk.

If only the song had 1/10th the production value of the video. So that you can enjoy this video with other, better modern music we've used Tubetubber to make a worthy music-video pairing.


(Hat tip to Josh!)

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Frank Grimes

I think I nailed it.

go to tubedubber and use Beastie Boys Sabrosa from the album The In Sound From Way Out.