Watch The BMW M235i Take On The Porsche Cayman On Track

Say you've got around $50k to spend on a sporty coupe, do you get a loaded BMW M235i or a stripped-out Porsche Cayman. Both are intended for different purposes but achieve similar performance figures. So which is better on track?

Jetro Bovingdon from Evo tested both out at Blyton Park to help us answer that very question. What a nice guy, helping us out like that.

With 320 hp and 330 lb/ft, the BMW has a lot more power and torque than the Cayman, which has to make do with only 275 hp and 213 lb/ft. However, the Cayman is much lighter at 2,888 lb. against the M235i's portly 3505 lb. This is stacking up to be an interesting battle for sure.


You'll have to watch the video to find out the end result, and you might be in for a surprise. For my money, I'd probably take the Cayman home at the expense of the M235i's practicality because of its lighter weight and its naturally aspirated engine.

What would you have, dear reader? Let us know in the comments!

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