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There's so much incredible driving talent and off-road action to watch at the Dakar Rally, and the three-week event is really undersold by a few "best of" clips... But you want to cut straight to the best passes and crashes anyway, don't ya?


These jokers rolled into the Iquique bivouac with a flat tire, and left their truck at the finish line to be somebody else's problem.

The Dakar's own "Best Of Trucks 2015" video (below) is alright, but after scouring the internet for full-size truck racing action I reckon the Dutch dudes from RTL Auto did the best job filming the big rigs.

Here's my favorite clip from them; so much miserable bogging... and I could watch that Tatra slowly melt into the sand all day!

Another quality reel, which features a Cummins-powered Hino getting bogged and the Red Bull Kamaz running wild in open desert.

We've just realized this last clip is from last year's race... but I'll leave it here anyway because it's pretty great. Every pilot looks absolutely haggard and the entire desert is littered with dead trucks. I'm pretty sure that's where everybody was at emotionally after the first week or so getting their kidneys pulverized in the cockpit of these things.

I've heard rumors of truck racers pissing blood after a particularly harrowing stage. The rigs sure are sweet, but I'm not sure I'm man enough to go thirteen rounds in the driver's seat.

Share any other awesome videos you've found or taken of big trucks at this year's race!

Photos by the author