Watch The Awesome All-Vehicle Off-Road Show Only Red Bull Could Pull Off

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The 2015 Dakar Rally is less than one month away. True to form, Red Bull is ramping up the hype on their motorcycle, car, and truck off-road racing operations with ridiculously over-the-top videos like this. Jeez, if only we could all throw down as hard as these maniacs.


Red Bull Presents: Gardians Of The Dakar

Dub Step Alert. Hit "mute" if you don't want to hear it.

The title's not a typo, as explained in the beginning of the video. The first half is also weird and way too long. Scrub ahead to about two and a half minutes for the jumps and power-slides unless you really want to see a bunch of racing drivers give each other high-fives in cowboy costumes.

The Kamaz Sport Truck makes its glorious appearance at around 03:30.

Red Bull's 2015 Dakar team the "Desert Wings" is massive, with legends like Marc Coma, Jordi Viladoms, Sam Sunderland, Kuba Przygonski, Helder Rodrigues, Matthias Walkner, Stéphane Peterhansel, Carlos Sainz, Cyril Despres and Ayrat Mardeev competing.


Kamaz trucks, the rear-wheel drive diesel Peugeot 2008 DKR, KTM and Honda motorcycles, and Honda quads will all be flying the blue-and-red Red Bull livery at the half-month race in January. Get. Fired. Up.


Images via Red Bull



That films wastes nearly 50% of its runtime with a slow motion establishing shots and intro's. Then wastes the 45% with editing so disjointed and beat driven that you don't know or care whats happening. There there is the 5% that is good. This is not a great ratio happening here.