Watch The Audi S3 And The BMW M135i Do Battle On Track

Us Yanks most likely will not see the Audi S3 5-Door or the BMW M135i Hatch on these shores, but we will be getting the S3 Sedan later this year and theM235i Coupe has just arrived. So which of these two is the quickest? The most fun?


This video comes from our friend and great name possessor Jethro Bovingdon over at Evo, and features these teutonic luxo-hatches fighting for glory at the Bedford Autodrome. Considering they're both in the same class, they're quite different. The BMWs turbocharged straight six sends power to only the rear wheels, while the S3 uses a 2.0L turbo four to send power to all four wheels.


I won't give away Bovingdon's choice, but personally I don't think you could lose with either. What I will say though is that the S3 hatch easily could win on looks alone, but unfortunately Audi probably won't be bringing it to America because approximately three people bought the outgoing A3 hatch.

What do you think? Would you have the S3 or the M135i/M235i? Let us know in the comments.

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