Mercedes recently hosted its Stars and Cars event in Stuttgart for the year, and apparently DTM cars aren't the burnout machines you'd think they'd be. Poor Susie Wolff just can't get hers to break traction.


Stars and Cars is Mercedes' celebration of a great year in racing, and they scheduled a ton of awesome demonstration drives of their Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, Formula One and historic race cars, driven by their suite of DTM and F1 drivers.

Luckily, after several tries, Wolff finally gives us get the car-engulfing cloud of tire smoke that the DTM racer deserves.


To Wolff's credit, Lewis Hamilton had quite a nice flop trying to do tandem F1 car doughnuts with teammate Nico Rosberg:

Keep going, Lewis! We believe!

Mercedes, we here in America are here to help if you need us. Call us. Bring an SLS and lots of tires.

[Edit: We originally stated that Nico had the flop because Lewis wasn't in his signature yellow helmet for this one. We apologize for the error.]

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