Watch street surfers catch a wave on Irene's floods

Even Hurricane Irene wasn't enough to stop a few surfing and waterskiing enthusiasts from hitting the waves on summer's penultimate weekend — even if it meant riding some floodwaters while towed behind a car.


The video above was shot in Salisbury, Md., close enough to the Chesapeake Bay that parts of the city were evacuated due to floods. Several other folks attempted similar tricks for the watchful eyes of YooTubers with more mixed results; we'd give this pickup-skiing effort from New Jersey high marks for style, which is a major accomplishment for anything from New Jersey:



This past week, East Coaster's have joked about earthquakes, surfed hurricanes, and played hockey in a vacant Times Square.

This just goes to show - when like gives you lemons, stab it in the eye, give it the finger, and laugh in its face.