Watch Someone Test This RV On An Offroad Track

When I first noticed that there was a video of someone hooning an RV, I had two questions: 1) Where would anyone do such a thing? and 2) Why wasn't I there?

It turns out that this one was entered in a tough trucks competition at the Lebanon Area Fair in Lebanon, Pa. (not too surprising a location). Someone bought the RV at a public auction for $5, then paid another $5 to enter it in the competition. It didn't really get any air on the jumps, unless you count the air coming in through the collapsed roof.


After living in a camper for two years (more on that later, I promise), I'd always wondered what it would be like to go apeshit in the thing on some back road (preferably one with low-hanging branches). This bit of videotaped tomfoolery did a lot to satisfy that curiosity.

(Hat tip to Ryan Symancek!)

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