Watch Somebody Make A Wooden Toyota Land Cruiser Model From Scratch

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Screenshot: Woodworking Art (YouTube)

Carpentry is really nothing like car mechanics, so painstakingly carving a 200-Series Toyota Land Cruiser from wood doesn’t count as a “car project” but it is creative and took a lot of talent. Watch a masterpiece come to life in this neat video.

The clip has already racked up more than 16 million views in a week, so I’m guessing a few of you have seen it. But for those who haven’t, it’s a distractingly pleasant process to watch in hyper-accelerated time.

The artist also did the same treatment on the Lexus version of the Land Cruiser, which probably made the Toyota project slightly easier. The silhouette is the same, after all.

If you were looking for a rabbit hole to fall into today, there are a few other vehicles (and plenty of animals) you can watch come to life from slabs of dead trees on this YouTube channel:


Or, if you want to read about the current-gen Land Cruiser and see some pictures of Death Valley, I wrote the thing up a couple of years ago:

My own woodworking skills are limited to holes and straight lines, but I guess you’ve got to start somewhere.


Maybe a middle ground is making a Pinewood Derby car: One block to start with, and you don’t have to make the wheels!

Pinewood Derby, if you want to go down another rabbit hole, is a Cub Scout contest where Scouts make little wooden cars and then race them down a ramp. It was the best part about being a Cub Scout as far as I’m concerned... One year I won “Most Original Idea” by doing essentially zero structural modifications to the woodblock you’re meant to carve from and just painting it like a delivery van. I wonder if that thing’s still in my mom’s attic...


Hat tip to Tamerlane!

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Pinewood derby. Home to cheating parents of all types. The company I work for used to own a powders division and so when Pinewood derby time came around a coworker of mine got a jar of the sub 10 micron graphite powder to use on his son’s car. Since you can’t easily buy graphite that good anywhere it gave a pretty good advantage. His son’s car jumped the track in the finals and lost.