Watch Sebastian Vettel impersonate Kimi Räikkönen

Kimi Räikkönen has only returned to Formula One a few days ago and the Finnish deadpan jokes are already back with him. This one is from Sebastian Vettel and it isn’t half bad. The whole thing is pretty funny but forward to 1:13 if you only have time for the I-just-got-off-the-ferry-from-Stockholm-and-all-I’ve-got-is-a-gallon-of-vodka-a-double-barreled-shotgun-and-my-2007-F1-world-champion-trophy moment.


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Ash78, just done until Kinja is fixed for good

I impersonated Kimi from about 7:15 to 7:22 this morning.

Bonus: Reading the Harbor Freight catalog at the same time.

/true/cool story, bros