Somebody decided it’d be cool to cut loose with some Polaris RZR Side-By-Side ATVs and Timbersled snowmobile/dirt bike hybrids. Of course, they were correct.

This is exactly the kind of plotless glory you need to make your office pooptime just entertaining enough.


And man does it make me want a snow bike. The Timbersleds you’re seeing here are not their own complete vehicle, rather a conversion for an existing dirt bike like these Husqvarnas. Basically the back wheel is replaced with a tread, and the front is replaced with a ski. Put enough horsepower down and one of these can pretty much float over anything.

As for the four-wheelers, SxSs like the Polaris RZR have come a long way from expensive novelty to mainstream off-road item. All you really need to optimize one for any given surface is a change of tires.

Just stick a ski rack and some seat heaters on one of those and you’d have the best backcountry powder hound since Ken Block’s treaded Raptor. Is it weird that I miss winter already?


Hat tip to Colton!

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