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Watch Rosberg's and Perez's Monaco Grand Prix crashes side-by-side

There was an eerie similarity to the crashes of Sergio Perez (left) and Nico Rosberg (right) during the run-up to the Monaco Grand Prix. One major difference separated them, however. Perez hit a safety barrier. Rosberg miraculously skidded past it.


Rosberg's happened in final practice on Saturday morning, and Mercedes mechanics repaired his car in time for the afternoon's qualifying session. Rosberg will start the race tomorrow seventh on the grid.

Team Sauber's Perez was not so lucky. After an agonizing several minutes, during which an ambulance crew and the official F1 doctor swarmed around the wrecked car, Perez was taken to a local hospital. He'll be under observation for a concussion for the remainder of the weekend. Needless to say, he's out of the race.


Note that after Rosberg's crash, race officials pulled up the chicane's speed bumps, or "sleeping policemen," which he bounded over during his shunt. When Perez went through, he slid straight through, into the barrier. No predicting this stuff.

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Looks like Perez puts his hands up beside his helmet (0:26) to limit the whip of his head on impact. He definitely owes his life to those foam (I think) barriers (and of course the strength of the modern monocoque). Had that been something less "soft" his injuries would likely have been much more severe.