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Watch Rally Cars Get Absolutely Annihilated By One Corner

There was one turn in the Jari-Pekka Rally in Finland last weekend that absolutely demolished at least a half dozen rally cars.


Seeing as snow is dumping on the east coast right now, what better way to calm the hearts of our boat-shoe wearing audience than by showing a video of cars wiping out in snow.

We’ve seen lots of violent rally crash videos. Heck, we recently showed you a video of many, many rally cars crashing all on the same turn. But this one is the best (or worst) of both worlds: lots of really violent crashes all on a single turn. It’s pretty shocking to watch:

The really violent crash in the topshot is at about 4:04. Here’s a different angle:

Topshot: JPeltsi/Youtube

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“Hey, know what would be fun? Standing on the outside of a fast corner where cars will surely slide off course!”