We all know Vice President Joe Biden is America's chief car guy, but his boss can get down with car companies just fine too. He's just more into their robots, it seems.

While touring the Miraikan Science Expo on a visit to Tokyo, President Barack Obama took a few moments to chill with Asimo, Honda's not-at-all-creepy dancing robot.


And by "chill," I mean stand there awkwardly while Asimo runs around and hops and talks in his weird robot voice. Obama did manage to intercept a soccer ball punted his way by Asimo, making him, to the best of our knowledge, the only U.S. president to play soccer with a robot.

Maybe he'll get invited to one of those basketball games at the White House next. Asimo's pretty amazing, BUT CAN HE DUNK? Film at 11.

Video credit CNN

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