Watch Porsche Factory Driver Patrick Long Drive The Crap Out Of An Old 911 RSR

We’ve had a lot of posts on Monterey Car Week, but far too few on the really great stuff. By “really great stuff,” my admittedly biased words mean “Porsches racing.” Here’s a great video from Racer that shows what happens when you stick factory driver Patrick Long in a 911 that’s underpowered for its class.

Welcome to Onboard of the Week, a feature [that I really need to do more often] where we spend that pesky time between races looking at awesome footage from inside the car.

First off, look at that grid. Look at the Porsches. Look at all the glorious Porsches. They’re not on a golf course. They’re not parked like a dingus outside the local Whole Foods. No! They’re being used as they’re meant to be used, dagnabbit.


This stunning field of everything that’s right about historic sportscar racing appears to include all the Porsches that aren’t prototypes. There’s everything from a pristine Rothmans-liveried 944 to wicked fast 935s booted into insanity. Long is in a 1975 Porsche 911 3.0 Carrera RSR with a mere 300 horsepower—about half of what those 935s are putting down.

Towards the end, there’s some great David vs. Goliath (Bruce vs. MORE BRUCE?) action going on as Long decides to troll the crap out of a slower driver in a faster 935.

It’s beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Racer has a bit more background on the car and the race here. In the meantime, crank up the volume for some of the most wonderful flat-six sounds ever captured on video and enjoy a truly masterful drive.


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