Illustration for article titled Watch SEMA Bros Freak Out As A Bro-Jeep Smashes A Tuned Ferrari 458

Japanese-American tuner Liberty Walk was proudly displaying their wide-body Ferrari 458 at some sort of SEMA event overnight when the driver of a tuned Jeep proudly displayed what Jeeps are best at: Crashing into stuff. Everyone then freaked out.


Bro. You've got like 50,000 lumens worth of lights strapped to the top of your Jeep and you can't see one car right in front of you?

If you could summarize my feelings on SEMA in a short video it would essentially be this one. Interesting but over-the-top performance vehicles that seem to put such a premium on style it's difficult to tell how much substance is there, multiplied by Bros and bad decision making.


It's beautiful.

To the credit of the Liberty Walk guys, they seemed to take the crash much better than the Rockstar-addled, Instagram-fucking-everything bystanders.

(H/T to the 100 people who sent this in this morning!)

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