Watch Old NASCAR Man Michael Waltrip Get Owned On His Own Grid Walk

Screencap via Fox Sports: NASCAR
Screencap via Fox Sports: NASCAR

Look, we’ve all seen old NASCAR dudes hock boner pills as they ride the wave of #brand cash into old age. Today’s Daytona 500 is Fox Sports commentator Michael Waltrip’s last race as a competitor, and comedian Larry the Cable Guy was all too knowledgeable about how NASCAR’s old men continue to make a buck even long after they’ve retired from racing.

When Waltrip asked Larry what he would ask the drivers on today’s grid walk, Larry responded, turning to Tony Stewart for a response:

When Michael’s done today...will we see him doing a catheter commercial, or a reverse mortgage commercial? Which one will be the first one?


Stewart responded:

I’m going with the catheter for the first one. 

Larry’s bet was on reverse mortgages, but either way, this is why you never ask someone how they’d do your own job.

The Fox Sports NASCAR broadcast also unleashed NFL party boy Rob Gronkowski to do part of the grid walk alongside Michael Waltrip. Gronk soon was in his natural habitat among Monster Energy’s ultra-cringey grid girls, giving us the most awkward moment of 2017 so far.

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NASCAR: let’s expand the brand! How about slutty grid girls like in the good old days!!!!!

The world: *sigh*