Watch Maniacs Race Tandem-Tractor Rally Carts Around A Wild Dirt Track

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

Apparently insane tandem rally cart races have been going down for 26 years in Betxi, Spain. This year Red Bull took it upon themselves to sponsor the event, and 50 teams brought their own sketchy lawnmower-powered off-road contraption to pit against the others and a hell of a hairy track.


Looks like delightfully terrifying combination of motorcycle-sidecar racing on a trophy truck style course and that go-kart derby scene in The Little Rascals. Just... awesome.

Wanna see moar? Here's a helmet-cam view from the driver's perspective:

And a ride from one seriously brave rear passenger acting as cornering-counterweight:

Another from the back, on flatter terrain:

...and one more section of the course, if you insist:

Hat tip to DuncanQ!

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Andrew, I think you just found the perfect motorsport...

Cheap to run?.. Check.

Rally Stages?.. Check.

2-Man driving team?.. Check (because insanity loves company)

Two-Stroke Motors?.. Check.

Chance of dismemberment?.. CHECK.

Red Bull Sponsorship?.. Check, check, and check!