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Watch luckiest driver in world miss scary head-on collision with truck

When you drive over Russia's ice-caked roads in winter with a camera mounted on your dash it's only a matter of time before you capture a crazy near-accident. Still, who could expect you'd snag something like this amazing Michael Bay-worthy near-miss that happened just last week.


What starts as a simple overtaking maneuver turns into something out of a Michael Bay film when the driver notices a truck on the other side of the narrow road trying to make a similar pass in the other direction. A quick correction on the truck driver's part leads to his tail wagging back at the camera after a near-jack-knife.

All the cameraman can do is sit there and pray he doesn't become a potato pancake. Which, amazingly, he doesn't.


(Hat tip to Banovsky!)

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Question: Does anybody else get pissed whenever a driver passes you on a 2 way street? (Legally) It happened to me today, and my face looked much like this.