Watch Johnson's Action Movie Doppelgänger Defy Physics To Grab NASCAR's Sprint Cup Trophy

Screencap via NASCAR
Screencap via NASCAR

NASCAR’s hilariously intense, pushy-shovey action film series on the Chase for the Sprint Cup has come to its inevitable conclusion. The wrap-up involves Jimmie Johnson making a physics-defying fall, and it’s just as wonderfully bizarre as the rest of the series.


That doesn’t look like a survivable jump, at least not in one unharmed piece. That’s a miracle fall, but I’ll allow it, under the Laws of Physics of Action Movies That Completely Disregard Physics, Chapter One, Article Die Hard 2.

Either way, the three who opted to stay on that roof certainly fared better than two of their real-life counterparts tonight.

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That was thrown together pretty quickly. Or they filmed four possible endings.

Either way - LOL.