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Watch Jerry Seinfeld Do Burnouts In David Letterman's V8 Volvo Wagon

Illustration for article titled Watch Jerry Seinfeld Do Burnouts In David Lettermans V8 Volvo Wagon

Paul Newman once commissioned a Volvo 960 with a Ford V8 racing engine. He called David Letterman and asked if he'd also like one. Letterman said yes. And this is the car Letterman and Seinfeld take to get a cup of coffee.


In the second episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, Seinfeld meets up with David Letterman to drive Letterman's fantastic V8 Volvo, a car that seems to constantly be on the verge of starting on fire.


So what do we learn? Letterman doesn't like people, he loves the smell of hardware stores, and Seinfeld hates electric cars.

The episode of V8 fury is below, embedded for your viewing pleasure.

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I love this show. I've seen every episode. I WANT MORE!!

Here's an overly excited Jewish man to show my interest in more episodes.