Watch Jeff Zwart Climb Pikes Peak In Glorious Soundtrack-Free HD

Jeff Zwart is something of a hero around here. Just check out his Jalopnik tagpage. Specifically, he's gotten quite good at going reasonably quick up a giant fucking hill. He even drove his 911 GT2 RS 1,100 miles to the Peak… and then raced it. Here's this year's bit of rally porn.

Choosing a favorite part of this video is like choosing the favorite moment of your lovemaking with a young Jane Birkin (or an old Jane Birkin for that matter), but let's be grateful they let the flat-six do all the singing.

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Thank god.

Dear "Extreme" Sportsmen: nobody wants to hear AWOLNation. NOBODY. Hell, we're probably listening to our own music already. And if we want to watch you abseil down a live lava-falls, maybe we want to listen to "Tiny Bubbles" while we're doing it.